SL Server Update Week 17

This week Fast Assets moved to the main grid. This is sort of a change from doing things in a sort of single cue of first in-first-out to multiple cues. The idea being to reduce anyone person’s wait time. One should see the world rezzing faster.

Mesh and No-Mesh Viewer

Mesh and No-Mesh Viewer

Moving into the Release Channel testing are various bug fixes. None too exciting, but they are progress.

Blue Steel: Again the maint-server updates and fixes are in testing. The maint-server label is just a label for a few fixes that the Lindens have grouped together.

Avatar position reverts to original sittarget in simcrossing
Muting a new-style ‘Resident’ avatar is ineffective when you’re offline
llTeleportAgentHome on an agent not over your land shouldn’t result in the _target_ getting the message
Mini-map shows multiple dots for one avatar, but avatar is not ghosted
Vehicles “Jumping” when crossing prims
Group-owned objects located in private estates cannot send IMs to offline avatars
llGiveInventory is not working!
Added LLRegionSayTo() LSL function.
A new scripting function.


Le Tigre: Testing of the upgrade to Mono2 Scripting continues with a new set of fixes. The region stall, that happens when a new object containing a Mono Script is rezzed in a region, is still being worked on. Over the last few weeks some of the improvements to remove this problem have moved to the main grid. This has made the stall sorter and things are better, but there is more yet to be done. Also, the direction is to change the SL scripting to a more modular system that can be more quickly changed and upgraded. Eventually we should see multiple scripting languages enabled. Wouldn’t JavaScript be interesting?

Also included are new features for scripters to allow them to better profile their scripts. This lets them see how Mono scripts are actually using memory. See: llScriptProfiler, lGetSPMaxMemory, and llGetUsedMemory.


Magnum: Has no new project. It continues to test Fast Assets. May be later in the week it will shift to a new testing project.

OpenSim (OSGrid)

Each week things improve over at OSGrid. More bug fixes and new features get added. Most of it is technical stuff that is way boring. Justin provides a summarized ‘release notes’ type of post on the blog: »

OSGrid has supported mesh since the SL Mesh Beta started. I’m not sure how the change removing the Mesh Asset from inventory at SL is affecting things. But, mesh still works. Uploading mesh with Kirsten’s S21(7) RC viewer has been working for me.

Without viewer support mesh is unpopular on OSGrid. The opening picture shows mesh as rendered by a viewer without mesh support. Not exciting. So, few builders are showing off what they are doing. I have a region (Sw Restoration) where I will be populating it with my first extensive mesh build. But, until more viewers support mesh, few people can see what is there.

While I noted in the S21 review that the Mesh Upload Wizard did not work on the OSGrid, the Advanced Uploader does.

You can visit the Mesh Test Area in OSGrid. You will find it in the region named Reticulation.

4 thoughts on “SL Server Update Week 17

  1. It’s also worth pointing out that the Aurora branch of opensim has fully functional server side NPCs which are fully scriptable.

    • I’ve seen that. Some time ago I tried it with the OSG version sim, but that was a failure. Are there Aurora sims back on OSGrid now?

    • For those that seriously know programming, I agree. For the SL noobs… JavaScript is rather ubiquitous.

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