KirstenLee S21(7) RC1 Viewer Review

Today we get a new version of KirstenLee’s S21 viewer. KirstenLee says this is a NEW viewer, new in the way that it is compiled, created, using VS2010. For weeks this has been a main topic of discussion in Snowstorm mailing list for weeks… and weeks… It is quite a feat to get viewer working with VS2010. Plus KirstenLee says there is a ton of new code in the viewer.

UPDATE: As of 1:55 PM SLT there have been 4 quick fixes. If you have downloaded a copy before then, get a new download. I’ll be running over to ADITI and then OSGrid.

Orange Tree Region

Orange Tree - Romantic Region (AGNI)

You probably know by now that the Lab’s viewers have Enhanced Avatar Physics. I can now control how my breasts, belly (belly?), and butt bounce and jiggle. This version has improved physics for the avatar. So, the big question from club owners is: can she make the tassels helicopter?

KirstenLee explains that Linux and Apple versions will be delayed. The new code and new ways of doing things has put a learning curve in the way.

Side Note: I suppose you have heard about Apple’s iPad II and iPhone’s tracking your every move and secretly being used by police in Michigan. If not, check it out. Google One wonders how much this will shake people’s trust in Apple.

KirstenLee warns this viewer will crash. So, it may not be the viewer to rely on for everyday use. I have found for some time now that the SL 2.6 series viewers will lockup of my computer when I go shopping. Hopefully that code is not in S21. But…

Mesh Upload

KirstenLee asks that people try a mesh upload in the Preview/Beta Grid, ADITI. Say what? zOMG!!! Is this the first third party viewer with a mesh uploader? Wow… WOW! This is a big deal.

Other Stuff

When Kirsten says this viewer is all via VS2010 that means the libraries too. OpenJPEG and other support libraries are all re-compiled using VS2010.

Download & Install


The download size is about 29mb.

By default this viewer installs in: C:\Program Files\Kirstens S21. Allowing that would wipe out the S21(7) that I am using for most of my time in SL now. So, I decided to put this one in a separate folder so I would have them both. The installer gives you a choice. But, the install program still demanded I uninstall S21 before proceeding. So, I cancelled and restarted, no way to backup once gets the ‘uninstall’ notice.

Once installed, I rebooted the computer. That shouldn’t be necessary. I find it helps.

I logged into ADITI to try out the mesh upload. But, I get so many error notices the viewer is barely usable on ADITI. Fixed!



UPDATE: This problem has been fixed. The error message is not popping up. Below is the new info on a XMPP Chat system detector and status indicator. I now show as Connected, where be fore I was Disconnected.

I did notice in the top menu a new item:

XMPP Chat Indicator

XMPP Chat Indicator

So, I am assuming the new XMPP chat is available in this viewer.

Update: Yes there is XMPP Chat support in this viewer. You may remember from from previous server status information that bridging software has rolled to the main grid. It has been available on the ADITI for a couple of weeks. I can’t tell if the chat is an improvement or whether group chat is better. Once the feature rolls to the the Release Channels we can tell. I expect a big improvement.

The errors were a pain. So much so I gave up and logged off ADITI and headed for the main grid. I did notice the ADITI grid is jam packed with new stuff. I’ll have to go back and check out some of the new stuff. Update: I made it back with the updated post 1:55 Kirsten Viewer. There is loads of new stuff on the ADITI grid.

I logged on in AGNI, the main grid. No more errors. Talking with KirstenLee in group chat, it seems the errors are XMPP Chat related.

There are odd things happening. Opening the Prim Edit/Build Floater slow me from 26 FPS to 11 FPS…

If you are an early downloader, first couple of hours (before 1:55 PM SLT), get a new copy of the program. I understand the Build Panel had a quick fix added.

This is definitely a Release Candidate version. So, if you are not helping debug the viewer, skip getting this release. I’ll keep it installed and be using it. I’ll add more to this review as I have time.

Update: Now that I have gotten to use this for a bit more time, I’m very happy with the viewer.

Mesh Upload

I tried a quick upload using the Mesh Wizard. It is nice and greatly simplifies the process. Kirsten’s works well.

ADITI is kinda spooky. They have so many new avatar bodies standing around the place looks… weird.


I hit the Clear Cache (Reset in Setup) button and logged out of ADITI. Then went over to OSGrid. I tried the same upload there. The Wizard didn’t work. Viewer went poof. However, the Advanced Mesh Upload worked. I am so excited! Wooohooo!

On the OSGrid side the prim count/equivalency does not work. So, if you are testing for efficiency of design, you need to be working on the ADITI grid.



I got to chat with KirstenLee a bit in world. KirstenLee is very happy to have a Complete VS2010 WIN7 version out. Taking the time to re-compile the libraries and getting them to compile is a feat.

ǝǝluǝʇsɹıʞ warns, Oh and here is a tip: grey avatars in busy locations, just toggle a group. Its an old issue server side [issue] I see crop[ping] its ugly head [up again.] I think we have all seen avatar render problems over the last weeks. I seem to be helping someone every week.

Kirsten tells me that more and more of the mesh code is merging in with the main code branch. This means the release of mesh is getting closer. So, we may see mesh hit the main grid in just weeks, 4, 5… 8… we don’t know, Also the frenetic activity in ADITI suggests more people are getting ready to release new stuff into the market or add to their builds.

Kirsten says with the new Wizard a download from Google 3D is so easy to upload with texture that it is a no brainer. Kirsten and many of us feel this will transform the SL grid.

One thing that seems to be running under the radar, limiting viewer settings for viewers running on older hardware. Kirsten already has placed limits in S21. If your hardware can’t handle a feature, that feature is disabled. This may have an interesting impact on residents. It has been suggested that a large part of the hardware used to access SL is aging. Also, with the possibility of more Facebook peeps coming in we could see a large number of people that do not understand why an Ultra setting is there if they can’t use it. With mesh coming to the grid soon that could cause performance problems. So, something is being done to avoid walking new users into walls they don’t understand.

Exciting times!


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