SL In-World Viewer Help

You may know that most Third Party Viewers (TPV) have in-world groups for user support. You may not know that there are in-world groups for the Second Life Viewer (SLV). There are some other groups that are for SL support too.

The Groups:

  • SL Open Source Contributors
  • Second Life Beta
  • AW Groupies (See: SL Wiki) Architecture Working Group
  • Second Life Source Developers
  • Second Life Viewer 2.0


The Second Life Viewer 2.0 group is slightly misnamed. The group is for all SL series 2 viewers, not just 2.0. The group was founded by Teqi Falta and was recently given to Opensource Obscure (yes, that is a resident’s name).

Opensource Obscure’s blog is in Italian,, but it translates pretty well with Google Translation. It is a good blog for those with Italian as their mother tongue. It is technically oriented.

If you have friends using SLV2, recommend the group to them.

This is still an issue that Linden Lab has not figured out. It is too hard for new residents to find the support groups they need.


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