Second Life Development Viewer Updates

If you don’t already know, Linden Lab makes several versions of their viewer; the main stable viewer, a beta viewer, development viewer, and a number of project viewers. The main viewer is for everyone and is the most tested. The beta viewers are Release Candidates used to test changes on their way to general release in the main viewer. The development viewer is a frequently updated viewer Lab staff uses and works with. Project viewers are open beta viewers specific to a project, like Display Names.

These are some of the changes appearing in the Development viewer.

SnowstormSTORM-255 – I would like to disable incoming group/IM toasts from showing up – These are all those bits of text popping up as chat comes in from groups and IM’s. In SLV2 there has been no way to turn it off.  This will change that. The setting will be on the Preferences->[Chat] tab. I hope they give it sn easy short cut so one can turn it on and off easily.

STORM-210 FIXED – Implemented adding of ad-hoc call participants in Recent.

STORM-207 FIXED – Favorites overflow menu didn’t close when you press ESC.

STORM-153 ADDITIONAL FIX – Properly fixed unlocalized chiclet tooltip and syswell session names for adhoc.

STORM-190 FIXED – Text truncations in floater EDIT CONTENT PERMISSIONS. Increased overall floater width. – Increased permissions columns width. – Increased ‘Check All’ and ‘Clear’ buttons width. – Applied text wrapping to permissions labels. – Removed ‘NextOwnerLabel’ dimensions overrides for German. – Removed ‘Check All’ and ‘Clear’ buttons dimensions overrides for Polish.

STORM-173 – Add Build > Object > Return Object

VWR-21377 – Script editor ctrl-f fix.

Topics in Discussion;

Script Counter

Many land owners use the Script Count feature in Phoenix to help control lag in their regions. Script count is a feature in the right-click-avatar menu in Phoenix. It is a feature request in the Snowstorm Project. Kelly Linden commented on how the Lab sees the problem of adding script count. Part of the problem is, as Kelly writes, ‘…the viewer is flogging our servers to brute force build the data…’ Kelly is of the mind that a better implementation combining server and viewer changes is needed. The change is going into the cues.

The disagreement on the script count feature is about priority. Some residents consider it important. Plus when the Lab starts charging for scripts like they do prims, land owners are going to get really excited about this feature.

Re-Sizer Scripts

In a spin-off discussion the issue of re-sizers in hair and other attachments came up. These are a huge load on region resources. Some are trying to figure out how to get merchants to change the scripts they are using to newer less laggy scripts and get them removed after hair, or whatever, has been sized.

A request has be made to allow land owners to block specific scripts. This means if you are wearing a copy of it and attempt a TP to a blocked area, you will be stopped and warned as to why the tp failed. “Your hair/shoe scripts are blocked by this landowner. Remove them to enter.” This is certainly one way to bring the issue into the population’s awareness.

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