Second Life WebKit Fail / Error – Problem Again

Update 2010-09-15: From one of the Snowstorm office hours meetings comes word that some releases of the viewers are not registering the Webkit, Quicktime, Flash, and other DLL’s correctly.I don’t have a fix.

This problem is popping up again. My previous post is here: Second Life Media Plugin Webkit FailThe comments there have more suggestions and fixes.

Jesica Brown found a new solution I had not heard. Find the slplugin in the SL Viewer folder and right-click it, then set it to Win95 compatibility mode. Thanks.

Threads on the SL Forum are:

Media_plugin_webkit failure – Error with media_plugin_webkit – TV’S PLUGIN

Update 2010-07-29 – There is a JIRA:

Windows 7 – 64 bit seems to be having additional problems with this issue. Currently there seems to be no fix. Vote at the JIRA.

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