Emerald Viewer Scandal Continues – Part 3

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Is there an advantage to the Windows 64-bit version over the Windows 32-bit? 64-bit has some performance advantage.

Does Emerald have any commercial interests? There is currently no Ad Sense accounts. Emerald is not currently raising funds. Arabella is currently paying for servers out of her pocket.

What was the point of the data mining project? It was for a private project of Fractured’s to provide a product for SIM owners to assist them in identifying griefers by IP address. It was always separate from Emerald. No data is collected by the Emerald viewer.

Is Emerald working on a replacement for KDU? Not for now. They will use OpenJPEG just as Imprudence does.

Will Emerald accept donations? It has been discussed. No decision has been made. To help pay for the server they plan to add Ad Sense. Hopefully that will cover server costs. They may make a donation button available. It depends on where they can cover the server costs. There is no intention to make a profit. Arabella will manage the money and make monthly reports on income and expenditures.

Will the Emerald team do office hours like LL does? They are planning to do that as part of the transparency effort. Suggestions for more transparency can be directed to Jessica.


At the time of the Treat.tv interview there was a mass exodus of users to other viewers going on. In the last week the exodus has slowed, stopped, and turned around. There is slow growth or so they say. Many users support the new team and are looking for how they can help.

The developers and Arabella in particular have been assaulted with personal attacks and also incredible support. They are having their ups and downs.

I’ve always wondered what people think they are doing when they spew hate? I guess we each decide what we want to be.

While many of us have had our trust shaken and in some ways that hurts and I suppose one can lash out in pain, I expect thinking people to move beyond an instinctual reaction. I can understand stepping back and being slow to trust again. What I can’t understand is trying to hurt the people involved. Protecting one’s self is reasonable. Hating, lying, and abusing others is… well… defining one’s self.

It will be some time before I decide to trust the team. I’m bummed on several levels. But, how we treat each other is a measure of our character. Over time we’ll see how things develop. I wish the Emerald team and the individuals of the team all the best.

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