Wanna go to Mars?

SpaceX is talking about going to Mars by 2024, if things go well… 8 years from now. You will supposedly be able to buy a one-way ticket for US$550,000… and what’s the return trip going to cost?

The reusable booster is a nice touch. There are lots of plans in the works for going to the moon and Mars to build colonies and a few suggesting Venus is a better choice.

I think a more interesting idea for getting to space is the Space Elevator.


A Japanese company is talking about having an elevator working by 2050.

One thought on “Wanna go to Mars?

  1. You know… after watching the stupid US Presidential Debate Election this week. I think this trip sounds a lot more appealing and more reasonable. The only commutations I would have during my stay there would be all intelligent and scientific.

    Holy crap… maybe I should. Oh right, I’m still poor, damn.

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