Interesting news About Linden Lab

In my reading I came across: Second Life Maker Linden Lab Buys Desura for Games Distribution, Plans to Keep It Open.

Desura is not a games maker itself but provides all other services around them. Specifically, users can buy and play games, get free access to mods and add-ons, use the platform to distribute their own games if they’re developers, and use the platform to create a social layer around games for communicating with other players.




Looking at Daniel Voyager’s blog I see Linden Lab has released Dio Beta. The web site is here: Dio. The press release is here: Linden Lab® Introduces dio™: a New Shared Creative Space. This is my first quick look at Dio.

So, what is it? A creative space… well, so what’s that mean? It is apparently like a Facebook timeline with linkable posts. Think Facebook timeline crossbred with Google Circles, but with links from circle to circle. Yeah, that about as clear as mud.

There is a video that tries to explain it. Here it is.

Dio looks nothing like the video. That is supposed to give you the concept of what Dio is. The video didn’t do much for me. The Lab folks continue to seem to have a hard time explaining what they mean. Continue reading