Looking at Daniel Voyager’s blog I see Linden Lab has released Dio Beta. The web site is here: Dio. The press release is here: Linden Lab® Introduces dio™: a New Shared Creative Space. This is my first quick look at Dio.

So, what is it? A creative space… well, so what’s that mean? It is apparently like a Facebook timeline with linkable posts. Think Facebook timeline crossbred with Google Circles, but with links from circle to circle. Yeah, that about as clear as mud.

There is a video that tries to explain it. Here it is.

Dio looks nothing like the video. That is supposed to give you the concept of what Dio is. The video didn’t do much for me. The Lab folks continue to seem to have a hard time explaining what they mean.

Linden Lab's New Dio

Linden Lab’s New Dio

The image shows my screen when I went inside a room. The text items to the left of the main picture are the connected or related links. The image in the center is what is being shared (the room), Grant Street in San Francisco, California. To the right I can add comments and related places.

Obviously related is solely in the mind of whoever posts there. Or maybe I just don’t see how the ‘Peruvian Adventure’ is related to Grant Street. I think it will be interesting to see how people use this feature. I can imagine spammers having a heyday with it.

There is a Friends feature that is linked to Facebook. OK…

I tried to create a room that worked like a blog… I mean what is more about sharing than blogs? But, I have yet to figure out how to do that. Seems no outbound web links are allowed. Well, they are allowed in comments.

While one can create linked together sharing and they do say one can monetize their work at some point, I don’t see how all this works. But, I am curious and I look forward to what people create.

With blog available for sharing I am not sure I’ll need or do much with Dio.


PS: …why didn’t they make that video in Second Life?

6 thoughts on “Dio?

  1. If it was solely a game-centric platform reminiscent of MUDs, it’d be a lot less confusing in concept. But it seems Linden Lab wants it to be generic in content type which does water it down to the point that it’s muddy to describe.

    The tools are there though to create some rudimentary MUD-like games I guess, and other things. But I don’t entirely get the point.of why one would spend hours and days creating content in Dio vs. something like Second Life.

  2. I quite liked what I saw. It’s basically a ‘Blog your own adventure’ service, wether that adventure is a story, game, or presentation is up to its users. It’s like a virtual world for Facebook people who like posting pictures and writing micro blogs but they get to make those posts interactive. I also noticed you can add Ai characters to greet people in your blog ‘space’ – I could see this appealing to quite an audience if promoted in the right place and inter grates with Facebook well. Unfortunitly I don’t like Facebook so I’m not the audience, which is ok cos I’m a full time SL user. Regards to monetizing I noticed in the dio TOS it mentions Linden dollars.

    • L$ is probably just a copy-paste mistake, as Inara pointed out in her coverage… so, that is two of us that had the same thinking.

      Where did you see the AI character stuff?

      • i cant remember, it was in a city, i went to a city and i had the page open while i was reading some tweets and suddenly on Dio it said “homless guy walks into the underground’ and i was like ‘huh’ and it kept saying that untill i clicked and talked to the guy, so yu see, you can kinda programme an Ai in the room. its very interesting

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