Interesting news About Linden Lab

In my reading I came across: Second Life Maker Linden Lab Buys Desura for Games Distribution, Plans to Keep It Open.

Desura is not a games maker itself but provides all other services around them. Specifically, users can buy and play games, get free access to mods and add-ons, use the platform to distribute their own games if they’re developers, and use the platform to create a social layer around games for communicating with other players.



3 thoughts on “Interesting news About Linden Lab

  1. Seems like a bad idea. Everyone likes Steam and its popularity and offers beats others like Desura. For me, doesnt look like a smart move to buy something that is already dieying and that havent a so bright future. It doesnt matter too much waht LL changes on it. Desura is a game seller platform and is almost impossible to beat Steam.

    They could try few things tho, but are risky. Like letting people sell their game there more easily than Steam in which case it could be a good platform for indie games. Still, I dont think it will go too far. But we will see.

    • From what I’ve seen in the news and read that Steam and Desura users say in their forums, I would not consider it a dying platform.

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