Stitches Out – NOT

Well, they took out a couple… 🙁 but, next week they’ll look again. Because of the location of the incision, my palm, they are being overly conservative.

I did get a soft bandage. I can bend my wrist and mostly use my hand. I am surprised at how stiff my hand is. I have exercises to do. I can type faster. But, my index finger is really weak and semi numb. They say that may take a few more weeks to return to normal.

Whatever, overall it is better.

#SL’s Zindra Business Interview

I got interviewed by Ginette Pinazzo. She is a strongly opinionated mover and shaker in the Adult Content community. I met her when I started to attend the Adult Content User Group meetings. I realized she had opinions and knew Second Life™ history. It wasn’t long before I realized some people like her and others seem to detest her. Others just don’t understand her. But, are any of us really understood?

From Ginette Pinazzo’s SL Feed November 2012

Ginette and I talk every so often. She is active in the Zindra community and adult content in general. Her interests seem to extend beyond those confines as she is often working with the art community. She is often talking with and sometimes hammering on the Lindens to make things better.

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Sunday I realized I have a bug in my blog layout. The opening page is not rendering correctly.

Now I’ve spent the day trying to get Dreamweaver CS5.5 to work with WordPress. It is supposed to handle dynamically linked files. It sort of does. But, once I decided it wasn’t just me doing it wrong, I found it is a known problem with DW CS5.5. So, its not just Linden Lab’s programmers that mess up.

I had to revert back to the more manual process of editing the site with CS3.

The mistake I made in the layout is annoyingly difficult to correct. Too many things have to change. However, the home and single article pages have been rebuilt and should work. There are a few more pages to do. I’ll get to those in the next day or two.

New Blog

Well… it’s mostly done. Still a few things to fix up. I’m hoping to have everything done by Monday.

Let me know if you find something not working or something that looks funny.


I’ll Be Away

I’ll be away for the next 3 or 4 weeks. I won’t be updating the blog during that time. I expect to be back in October.

Update 10/23/09

I’ve had some problems getting back on the Internet. I tried to use AT&T DSL. But, I’m out on the end of the line and service is bad. About 500kb/sec on a supposed 1.5mb/sec connection. Plus a high packet loss rate (25% to over 200% – multiple retries failing can drive the rate over 100%). Pings would hit 7,000+ms. Imagine pressing

I have cable now and have a 10mb/sec connection that gives me a measured 6mb/sec. Packet loss is much better, 0% to 20% and mostly 0%.