#SL’s Zindra Business Interview

I got interviewed by Ginette Pinazzo. She is a strongly opinionated mover and shaker in the Adult Content community. I met her when I started to attend the Adult Content User Group meetings. I realized she had opinions and knew Second Life™ history. It wasn’t long before I realized some people like her and others seem to detest her. Others just don’t understand her. But, are any of us really understood?

From Ginette Pinazzo’s SL Feed November 2012

Ginette and I talk every so often. She is active in the Zindra community and adult content in general. Her interests seem to extend beyond those confines as she is often working with the art community. She is often talking with and sometimes hammering on the Lindens to make things better.

The other day I asked her about some of the goings on in the adult community. I don’t keep up that much anymore. I’m even falling behind in my flirting. The reason to ask was seeing VooDoo writing about problems in the Vortex sandbox. See: #SL Adult Content Problems.

In the discussion the subject of an interview came up. Ginette got me to agree, it wasn’t hard. Levity Magazine had interviewed me in March of 2012 and that was way fun. See: Levity Magazine – Most Influential Voices (I’m the hot girl on the cover 🙂 and page 54). The result was Ginette came up with questions and over the next couple of days I answered them. Ginette got me to thinik. See: Ginette Pinazzo Interviews Nalates Urriah About Second LIfe, Adult SL, Blogging, Virtual Worlds and More.

I hope you enjoy it.





4 thoughts on “#SL’s Zindra Business Interview

  1. Nal i think your view of what SL is and how it works is clearer than most lindens.. and you have communication skills. You ever though about join the lab? [o:>

    Nice interview Gina

  2. Nalates… why am i getting bombarded by several of your older postings? Today i have received 8 p. Blogs from your site but they are all old.

    • Medhue just said the same thing… I just updated to Jetpack 2.

      I’ll have to see if there is some setting that changed or a new feature that is causing that.


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