Second Life: Breast Deformer… more

OK… I don’t have a total fixation on breasts… really! However, I suspect my inner child may identify as male. But, there are so many interesting ways to enhance breasts…

Catrie Resident told Scylla Rhiadra who posted and I saw about Birth’s Boob O Matic (L$675-MP $875-In W). Yep. That is what they call it. On name alone, I would have to look to see what it does. I had the same question about my first training bra. What does it train them to do? Whatever, I headed to Birth’s shop to find out.

There is a whole thing of Boobie and butt toys at Birth’s shop. The link above will take you there.

Boob O Matic is described as a Breast Deformer/Positioner. There is a demo in-world at the shop. I found it rather an odd type of demo. Like most poses and animations you have to try it in the store.

You sit on a pose ball, get the demo (which sitting on the pose ball gives you) and wear the HUD. Very atypical.

The HUD works while you sit on the pose ball. You can standup and the applied deform remains but the HUD stops working until you sit again (and get another copy of the demo, which you can discard). The deform’s remaining allowed me to test the Physics layer and my Slink body. It all works well.

There are some clothes complications. With Slink Redux you have an option to use Shirt Stretch. This option changes the clothing from tucking between the breasts to stretching from nipple to nipple smoothly. Shirt Stretch works with the deformer in only some cases. In others, you get some poke through or distortion. You may have to add some alpha layering you don’t normally wear with a clothing item.

This HUD seems to me to be the ideal solution for photographers. It would be better, for them, if it were like the PoseAnywhere HUD (I’ve been using this HUD since 2014), which allows you to pose any avatar or just yourself. The other avatar has to accept its animation request so no abuse.

I’ve played with the deformer. I probably need practice. I am having trouble getting adjusted-breasts to look real. Laying on my side, my breasts are still looking more perky-silicon like than real. Oh well, that isn’t all bad…

You’ll find a collection of toys at Birth’s store including:

  • Booty-Matic (L$575-MP) – Obviously the Booty Deformer/Positioner.
  • Suck n Lick (L$325-MP) – Suck your own breasts… great for pole dancers.
  • Thumb Suck (L$325) – Yeah… just that.
  • Jiggle Jugs (L$325-In W) – Awesome. Avatar reaches up and jiggles her breasts. Hands and jugs move together. Adjustment to get hands-on breasts. Works very well.
  • Boob Jiggle – (L$325-In W) – Interesting. Very similar to Jiggle Jugs but different.
  • Come get it! – (L325-In W) – Another interesting and similar jiggle animation. A bit more flirty.
  • Smoosh n Titilate [sic] (L$) – Fun. Arms squeeze breasts together then arms raise overhead letting them bounce then the avatar shakes them left and right. Lots of bouncing.
  • Booty Rhythm (L$325-In W) – I wasn’t sure this would work with Slink as there is no booty jiggle. But, wow, everything jiggles. Twerking at its best.

The demos aren’t all the same. Basically, for all of them, you sit on the pose ball. For some, you use a HUD to make things work. For others, there is no HUD the pose ball plays the animation and that’s it. For others, the HUD is just to adjust the hand positions so they are near your breasts rather than inside or floating in space.

Whatever, it is a fun and amusing collection of toys.

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