Second Life: Things I didn’t know about Breasts

Seems everyone has a fascination with female breasts. Guys stare and women judge… sort of.

I was in Second Life™ when Avatar Physics was added to get breasts to bounce and jiggle. Bellies and butts jiggle too. Not many mesh bodies include belly and butt jiggle. But they all include breast jiggle. That probably says something.

I was also in SL when people were figuring out how to make mesh clothes that fit. In that process, Karl Linden made the first pass at fitted clothes with an idea we called the Deformer. (That SL Deformer history is here – 2012-13) With the Lab’s shift to fitted-mesh, the Deformer idea was dropped.

Trying the Breast Deformer – Pack A

However, our persistent fascination with breasts has led to BREAST DEFORMERS… I didn’t know we had working deformers these days. So, off I went to check it out.

Scylla Rhiadra started a forum thread titled Breast Enhancers / Deformers? Starting with Gravity Enhancers. Whaaaat?

These gravity enhancers are for those times when breasts should move some direction to look more realistic. When laying on your side breasts may look odd because they should sag down across the chest, not toward your tummy. These enhancers are supposed to fix that issue.

Must Trade makes an enhancer (L$250) that seems popular and has some reviews. Seems this is mostly for static poses. Apparently not that great for animations. The majority of reviews like it.

I didn’t think of the lengths photographers go to get great images with breasts just the way they want them. But, it seems to be a thing in some SL photography.

There are 600+ Breast Enhancers but only on gravity enhancer.

For Deformers there are about 50 different ones. There is a mix of enhancers and deformers in the results. Some for gravity and some just to make them BIGGER… you know, the ridiculous size.

Chrysanthemum Me makes the Deformer I find most interesting and I think usable. Plus, Chrysanthemum makes lots of Bento animation stuff. Some even for GA.EG heads. While most of her facial animations made for Catwa and Leluka there is a list of compatible heads. There are demos you can try. Some worked with my Jennifer GA.EG head and some didn’t.

The breast deformers are surprising. They come with 4 sizes… or perhaps degrees of erection and sag… and 6 cleavage types for each size. No HUDs. These are an object you attach. No scripts or animations visible. The demo is 2 prims and I suspect the retail product is one.  I don’t know how they work but they do.

I tried the Demo with my Slink Redux Original. My boobies still bounced and my clothes still fit. No poke through. However, with the larger (?) sizes some clothes look a bit odd. A bra, for instance, may have a major portion of it curled behind the breast… that Ann Landers test of whether breasts are perky or not with a pencil sort of explains the problem.

Breast size is an important consideration as to whether Chrysanthemum’s deformer will work for you. The deformers come in 5 sizes ranging from a Breast Slider size of 50 to 100. I generally have mine at 45 and the small deformer worked OK for me.

If you want pancake-boobies, these deformers will give them to you.

Trying the Breast Deformer Pack A ‘Push Up’

This deformer would be great for those times I need a push-up bra for an evening gown. Also, for those past age 30± that want a more realistic look, this deformer may be the answer.

The Chrysanthemum deformer goes for L$840. I haven’t sprung for it yet. Probably the next time I attend a formal event and want that push-up bra look…

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