Another Photoshop 2020 Thing

There are a number of things in the new Photoshop. This is one I don’t remember seeing mentioned by others. I think it is handy for making pattern backgrounds.

While I am pointing out somewhat ignored features I’ll include this WordPress-Facebook feature.

In WordPress when posting there is a feature section labeled Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags. You may have to go into WP’s settings and enable Open Graph display on the editor. Whether in the Classic or Block editor the section will appear below the bottom of the editor.

There are two fields in the section, Use this image and Use this description. These are for automated systems that pick up on articles in your blog. The image field needs to be set to avoid Facebook, aggregators, and other automated systems grabbing the first image they find to use with their display of an article on your blog. If these systems comply with web standards they will use these two fields, if available, in whatever they post.

This is especially obvious on Facebook. Also, Feedly suffers the problem. I have no idea how many people use aggregators like Feedly. I consider a prodigious amount of news about games and politics each day. I read the headlines (today over 1k) and pick and choose. A lame image is a pain.

Feedly’s poor image selection has to be controlled by you.

You can use the image’s URL from any picture you use in an article to fill in the Open Graph’s image tag. Then you’ll have the image you want to show up in all the systems that use basic web standards.

And with YouTube videos, you can build an image URL that will work. Use this URL:


Replace the red ID code with the code of your video.

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