Second Life Vagina: Xcite! X4 Female Starter

Pack by Xcite! L$1500 – Mesh, unrigged – All bodies. No active customer support or updates in the last 12+ months. They still have a fireworks show several times a day.


As I wrote earlier this WAS the Cadillac of genitals up to about late 2016. Something happened about 2013 and they dropped the ball. From there it has gone downhill.

# ♥1366

# ♥1366

Product Image: NSFW

In 2013-16 there were a fair number of people that knew how to RP with Xcite! So, getting the addon lips, nipples, butt, thighs, feet, etc. was worthwhile. Younger residents don’t seem to have a clue.

These days almost no one knows how to use Xcite! For that matter, few know how to do much of anything or even know to know to click to find out what they can do. Sad. So, with mesh bodies that provide 3D nipples and other features, which formerly came only as genital accessories the use of separate accessories is not as important. Most people don’t even understand RLV. So… wearing Xcite! for any more than visual reasons… doesn’t work out.

Scripts for vagina (6,784KB), nips (4,608KB), ears (384KB), butt (192KB), lips (192KB), and thighs (416KB) with HUD (1,920KB) and DropBox (192KB) = 14,688KB …and that 14MB is why people avoid Xcite! these days.

ACI adds 26k

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