Second Life Hair Fair 2018

I like the Hair Fair events. It is a charity and all… a good thing, but the changes in hair and styles from year to year are what fascinates me. This year there were 9 do’s I had to try on. Turns out two were must have’s. And one I really liked but couldn’t initially get to work.

Hair Fair 2018 is open and going… not crowded the two days I’ve been there. No problem getting in. However, you can’t tp around inside the regions. Any TP takes you back to the main landing point for that region, which I find way annoying as I cam-shop and like to double-click-tp when I see something I want to check out or when I want to make an LM.

The changes I see this year are; more appliers and more style options.

Hair Fair 2018 - EMO-tions SEYCHELLE

Hair Fair 2018 – EMO-tions SEYCHELLE

Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega seem to be the common appliers included. For my GA.EG Jennifer head the Omega applier for the hair base works. It and my relay for GA.EG are both needed.

Style options in the HUDs or separate style HUDs were more common this year. At least in the do’s I was interested in.

EMO-tions has a do I liked best, *SEYCHELLE*. I love the big hair look it provides. This is the only one I liked enough to spring for the FAT pack.

The Firestorm ACI for the hair is about 3.7k. It has 128kb of scripting in 2 scripts. It uses only ONE attachment point, Skull. I did not find any script removal option and the hair is no-mod. It comes with the Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega appliers. Includes the various color HUDs. The fat-pack includes multiple HUDs, not a single all-inclusive colors HUD. Continue reading

Second Life’s 10th Annual Hair Fair

The trailer is an 8 minute video… a bit long.

You probably know Hair Faire is an event to benefit Wigs for Kids. You can visit in-world here (SLURL). The fair ends July 26th.

As usual the regions are full to capacity, about 40 people. Peak use in SL is about 2 to 3 PM PT. The minimum use time is about 2 to 3 AM PT.

Hair Fair 2015 Coming

This is one of my favorite events in Second Life™. With mesh hair it is possible to have a much lower Avatar Render Cost (ARC) or Draw Weight, which it is called depends on which viewer you are using. Whatever it is labeled in your viewer it costs you performance. So, I am replacing my high ARC sculpty do’s with new mesh do’s for that reason.

Luna Jubilee

Luna Jubilee by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

The fair opens July 11 and runs to July 18. This is the 10th university of this event, or so I am told. Continue reading