Second Life News 2018 w/37


The main channel’s version remains # No roll this week.

Tralala's Diner

Tralala’s Diner

Seems there was a glitch last week. So, this week the RC channels are getting the real version #

To quote from the Deploys thread, “NOTE: The expected version wasn’t updated last Wednesday. The correct version is scheduled to be deployed this week 9/12 (”

In the Server-Scripting UG Simon Linden said, “… there isn’t much server news this week.   Our update to the main channel today (9/11) was canceled when we found a minor issue with the version on the RC servers.   Those will get updated tomorrow.   I don’t think there’s anything visible in those changes.”


The main viewer is version, released week #34.

Second Life Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #35.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Previously updated in week #32, this is now a newer version.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Released in week #34.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Sort of released week 36, it is an updated version this week.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Released in week #32.

Second Life Project EAM Viewer version – Released in week #33. This is the Estate Access Management Viewer.

Other Viewers

NiranV has updated Black Dragon to 3.2.5 and then to 3.2.6 and now to 3.2.7. All in about the last 5 days.

Other News

Marine Kelley has a series of tutorials out for those that want to make movies in Second Life™.

Ryan Schultz has published, Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Fifteen-Minute Female Avatar Makeover for Free! So, be a new you…

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