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Mystical Timbers Photo Contest

Pictures have to be taken on the sim, either on the ground or on the platforms, will run until the end of March, when for a limited time a voting board will be placed in the harbor area.

  • 1st prize is $L 2750
  • 2nd prize is $L 1500
  • 3rd prize is $L 750

Please enter your pic in the Flickr group and also please send a full perm pic in-world to SolKing.

Region: Mystic Timberland

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Lauressa - Sandcasted Love

Lauressa – Sandcasted Love

Save 50% on Monthly SL Membership

The Lindens are offering a deal in Premium Membership. See: Get more out of Second Life – Save 50% on Premium*. Notice the asterisk. It is 50% off the first monthly membership payment.

The monthly membership plan costs US$9.50 per month. So, you save $4.75. The annual payments total $114 without the deal and $109.25 with the discount. However, you get a L$1,000 signing bonus and a weekly stipend of L$300. Or 300×52+1,000 = L$16,600 or about $65.10. This brings the annual monthly cost plan to $44 for this first year.

However… if you go with the annual payment plan the cost is $72. With the bonus and stipend that drops to about $6.90 for the first year and $10.82 per year thereafter.

Oops, goofed the math. Fixed 2/26 @ 3:30 PM SLT

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