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We have seen the links in the Sansar Atlas that let you send people to a Sansar Experience. But, once there they meet the hassle of download, install, try to re-find the experience… not good.

Now the Firefox browser supports Rift and Vive. That puts us a step closer to having a clear path from the web into VR.

Read more at Road to VR: Today’s Firefox Update Brings Rift and Vive WebVR Support to Everyone.

Braidon Bay - Catterline - Aerial Photosphere 08-08-2017a

Braidon Bay – Catterline – Aerial Photosphere 08-08-2017a

Google is launching VR support in Chrome for Android and Daydream.

You’ll notice the VR people are assuming you know a lot about VR and they leave a lot out of their writing.

Desk top users, if you want to know if your Firefox is updated or ready to update, open the browser’s HELP and look in ABOUT.

You’ll see the browser version and if it isn’t the most recent, the browser will start updating.

Also note, you must be running the 64-bit version to get the VR stuff. Get way more techy info at Mozilla’s What’s New in Firefox v55.

A quick look through the VR tech info shows they are beginning to build support for various controllers and head sets. The basic strategy seems to be Microsoft like, make the API easy to use, document it, and let people build whatever they need.

What we have seen is companies building the content, think Sansar, so people would have a reason to use VR. With reasons beginning to appear the current obstacle is the incompatibility between headsets. This Firefox change is hopefully the first wave of building in compatibility that will allow any VR head set to be used with any VR content.


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