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I went to delete a dead, unreachable feed in my Feedly and I couldn’t. Not something I often have to do. But, I couldn’t find a way to delete the feed. Normally I can click a feed and use the FOLLOWING button that appears in the upper right of the page. Cursor over the button and it changes to EDIT and one can remove the feed. But, not with a DEAD or UNREACHABLE feed. There is no ‘FOLLOWING’ button.

Removing unreachable feeds in Feedly – 2017 Aug

All the articles I could find using Google were no help. They all said to select the feed, go to the FOLLOWING button… I got no FOLLOWING button. Or select the feed and at the bottom of the column will be a ‘remove’ button. Nope. Not there.

It took a few minutes for me to start experimenting and find out how to accomplish the task. It isn’t hard, but the interface for removing a dead feed is different. You cannot remove a dead feed as you would an inactive feed or one you’ve lost interest in.

Click the GEAR icon and all the tools you need are there. I have no idea how long it has been since I clicked that gear icon. I don’t remember these tools being there. But, they are a good set of cleanup tools.

Update 11/2018: Things have changed a little. Still, click the gear. The page will show a list of your feeds. Move the cursor over the listed feed. You can select it by clicking in the box on the left end of the entry Then in the upper right there is an unfollow button. Or at the right end of the item is an unfollow icon button when (trashcan) the entry is cursored-over.

Both of these are very light in color. If your monitor is out of adjustment you may not be able to see them.

3 thoughts on “Feedly – Deleting Dead Feeds

  1. My Feedly feed list has a name that cannot be removed even with the gear menu. It was added on the mistaken assumption that there was a feed, but there isn’t any. There seems to be no button for deleting entries.

    • You may have to contact Feedly to ask how to remove it. I don’t have any broken feeds. So, I can’t test. I did update the article as Feedly has changed a little since I wrote it.

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