Second Life Content Creation UG Video Index 2017-07-27

Another CC UG Meeting. There are some interesting bits of new news. Check the Index to select parts of the video of interest to you or watch the whole thing.


0:00:41 – Meeting starts. Vir tells the SL version of the Bento Avatar is back online. For a time its home at Amazon Cloud was down. That has been fixed. There were still some link issues from the SL Wiki. I don’t know if those have been fixed.

0:02:00 – Vir is still working on wire-frame and selections for animesh. Also, doing some testing on region crossings.

0:02:30 – Can we sit on animesh? Yes. But, if the object is animated the sit position does NOT move with the animation. So, one has to account for that in the animation. Otherwise, it looks odd.

0:03:00 – See BUG-100864. If this is implemented the avatar would move with the animation when setting. Implementation is not likely in pass one of this project. May be later.

0:03:40 – Vir’s immediate goal is to get animesh working.

0:04:25 – Mounted Rider Problem

0:05:25 – How will animesh physics work? Same as it does now. An animation will not cause an animesh item to collide just as a current avatar animation does not change the avatar’s physics.

0:06:35 – Open floor starts…

0:07:15 – Can we scale animesh? Like supporting sliders? Initially no. Would like to later. Vir is hoping to do something with having the animesh skeleton size to the mesh. That is backward from the avatar. More detail in the video.

0:08:50 – Body shapes, adding this to animesh gets quite complicated. So, not likely. More detail in the video.

0:10:30 – Animesh will use the full Bento skeleton and joint position will be available. Most of the avatar stuff transfers over. Shape and attachments are exceptions because they are most handled server-side.

0:11:00 – Vir is pointing out that initially, animesh is for pets. Full on NPC will come later. Full support with sliders and attachments could take a couple of years.

0:12:45 – Whirly have trouble building the animesh test viewer. Compile issues. Vir points out that even with his prototype viewer it is not going to do animesh unless you are on a server that knows how to send the new messages needed for animesh.

0:13:45 – Land Impact – No data yet. Initially, they will use an arbitrary value to test that accounting is working. Then from test data, they will set actual values.

0:16:00 – While the bounding box is not changed by animation (for physics collision) animation can change the scale of an object. So, will animated scale changes change the Bounding box? Not planned. There is a known hack that does that.

The plan is to have the size of the mesh as imported change the size of the skeleton and set the bounding box.

0:18:00 – Are we going to be able to rig attachment points? Discussion. Watch video.

TL:DR, We likely will be able to rig to attachment points in animesh. It is a bug in the LL viewer that prevents that now. Firestorm can be used to get around that limit.

0:24:25 – What about Dev Kits for the Default Mesh Avatars? These would be the starter avatars. Vir is not in the part of the company where he would know about that.

Discussion of why needed.

0:25:30 – Vir would like to see more starter content and examples.

Discussion of training content…

0:29:00 – Now the fascist leaning idea of forcing people to take a class before they can upload…


0:31:50 – Vir asks what advantage do people see in making rigged mesh object no-mod?

Discussion… but basically no real advantage.

0:37:12 – What could animesh be used for? Question about a list of specific items? …yes…

0:41:00 – There are avatar impostors. And Vir plans to have animesh impostors.

0:42:45 – Extended default animations, why can’t we have a default animation for smiles? Vir gives lots of explanation. Basically, the server knows if an avatar is walking. It does not know if it is frowning. So, there will have to be new animation states. Vir thinks they will add those at some point.

Vir explains some of the various complexities to be dealt with in extending animation states.

0:53:30 – Discussion on adjustable walk-run speeds and adjustable animation speeds…

BUG-7007 – Proposal for a slower walk speed…

1:04:00 – Vir points out they have an Animation Extensions Project planned. It will probably start up after the animesh’s project viewer is out.

1:04:45 – Next month’s meetings will be sparse. The company meeting and Vir’s vacation will eliminate several meetings. Check the UG Meeting schedules for specific information. There will be meetings on the 10th and 31st.

1:05:40 – End Meeting – Some post meeting.

Discussion on baking specularity to handle brightness decrease of rough surfaces… about 10 minutes.

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