Sansar Opening Week 31?

There is a rumor, started by a Linden, Friday past that Sansar™ will be opening the wider Beta this coming week (#31). Second Life is GOING to CONTINUE!

I consider that exciting and very probably accurate information, considering the source.

Sansar Logo – Trademark of Linden Lab – Earth Picture Public Domain

I speculate…

I expect this to be the very basic Sansar. Many of the features we are accustomed to in SL will be missing. They haven’t gotten to building them yet. Support for older hardware will DEFINITELY be missing. Also, I am not at all sure VR will be available. If it is, it may be limited to the Rift. I can hope for more devices… like Gear VR O.O

Support for older hardware will DEFINITELY be missing. The definition of older among SL users will likely have to change. The Core-2 and Pentium processors are old. Deal with it. Video cards older than the NVIDIA 1000 series are old. However, some high end 900 series card will likely be usable. But, the 900 series users will certainly risk simulator sickness.

It is the NVIDIA 1000 series that introduces support for VR. They added the ability to generate two camera position views at essentially the same time. Rather than one frame being for the left eye and the next for the right, they create both views in parallel.

The GTX 1080 is still the newest most popular card. There are newer higher end specialty cards from NVIDIA. For gamers, it is the GTX-1080, which NVIDIA reports as Out of Stock when I looked today. true too for the 1070 and 1060. The Titan Xp (US$1,200) is shipping…

Also, I am not at all sure VR will be available in the initial Beta opening. If it is, it may be limited to the Rift. I can hope for more…

Users will likely find a way to hack support for more devices. The big obstacle is the proprietary viewer. Also, those that have been playing with Sansar in closed Beta may have worked out some ways to support alternate devices.

I don’t expect phone or tablet support in the initial beta. I expect phone and tablet support to be a year or more down the road.

My hope…

In the next year to 18 months, we will certainly see more devices supported. It is the phones, tablets, and desktop web browsers that are important to the Linden strategy of providing access without and install.

Also, the biggest road blocks for VR are price and content quality. I think I can make a good argument for the lack of quality content being the bigger of the two. I know polls are showing price is the biggest obstacle. I think if people knew there was good content and they would actually be getting something usable and enjoyable, they would spring for the headsets.

My biggest disappointment with my new Gear VR is the lack of quality content. Most stuff is fuzzy. It sucks. I currently would not recommend big spending for VR equipment to see what is available now. Sansar may change that. At least that is my hope.

PS – 8 PM SLT: I opened a thread in the SL Forum. It disappeared after about 10 hours.

7 thoughts on “Sansar Opening Week 31?

  1. Hello,
    You will be able to use HTC Vive too, I’ve seen it in the promo video of Sansar about Blueberry.

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  3. Sansar opened !! : “Linden Lab‘s new virtual world named Sansar opened to the public today at 10am PST, but it is still in beta.” ->

  4. hello, im from argentina im user of sansar and i want to know how can i change de size of the interfaz… i cant read anithing… all the words are too tini … someone knows??

    • I suggest you ask in the Sansar forum. Click the Sansar category above to find articles with the links.

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