Second Life: SL Main Viewer Update 2017 w16 – New Features

4/14 the main viewer updated to version If you have automatic update on, you likely already have the update installed. This version was the RC maintenance version. Release Notes

Garden escape...

This version will now remember if you want to Fully Render a specific avatar that exceeds your ACI setting. You can set an avatar to render as; Default, Always, or Never.

In Preferences->Graphics there is a setting to always render friends regardless of ACI setting. Plus, an EXCEPTIONS button so you can edit who you render or don’t. You can also add people using the + in the upper right. That opens a ‘chooser’ where you can search for a name, or another tab lets you pick from friends, and another tab to pick from nearby avatars.

We get a new button labeled Grid Status. It opens a browser to the

This version adds the ability to set default folders for uploaded items to land in. The Lindens explain it as, “Right click on a folder -> Put Future Uploads here -> Textures / Models. You can see the defaults under Preferences -> Uploads.

We will now get the name of the inventory item someone is offering us in the notice.

The choice to open a second inventory window was missing from the dropdown list. It is back now.

Also: “Snapshot window will now remember what you did last and open with that mode next time. It will also once again fill in the “From” field to the avatar’s full name.

And… “Block list: You can now see and change the type of block (Voice / Text / Particles) from within the block list in People floater. We also fixed a few old issues with unblocking and object blocking fails.

There are about a dozen bug fixes and a couple of more new features. Not anything I find all that interesting. So, see the release notes if you are curious.

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