Second Life News 2017 w17


The main channel did not get an update. Bummer. I was hoping the increased population change would roll across the grid.

I looked to see if Fantasy Faire has the RC version with the feature running. Nope. I had a lot of trouble crossing regions so, I thought the new version might be the problem..

The County Girl

The County Girl

The RC channels Blue Steel and Magnum are being updated with a new version of the increased population package: Le Tigre is getting a package with internal tool changes: 


The main viewer was version, a version released mid-March that fixes snapshot-via-email. That change is propagating through the third-party viewers that got bitten by that bug. The current default viewer is now This is the former RC Maintenance Viewer.

The current version has new stuff and lots of fixes see the Release Notes. I provided more detail here: Second Life: SL Main Viewer Update 2017 w16 – New Features.

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – Has updated since last week. The previous version was Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version Word is the HTTP part is working well and the CDN is working as expected. But, the viewer has had a higher crash rate than the Lindens like.

This 360 Snapshot Viewer version is on hold waiting for Alex Ivy to go to RC status.

This previous Project Alex Ivy Viewer version has not updated for a couple of weeks now. Expect to see an update this week. The next release will have Havok in the Mac version.

We may see a new Voice Version appear this week. The Lab withdrew the previous version as it had a problem. If you teleported while someone was talking, voice would screech. That is hopefully resolved. I suspect QA has their hands on it now.

No other viewers were close enough to RC talk about at last Fridays Third-Party Dev meeting.

However, we were told the Ban List UI for groups is to change.

And there has been an odd web error: BUG-100468 – Number of online users, exchange rate & number of signups has not updated since April 12th.

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