Slink Male Dynamic Hands Released

I just saw an in-world notice that Slink has released their Male Dynamic Hands, or AKA Bento hands.

If you already have Slink hands then this is just an update, no cost. Just visit the in-world Slink store (map URL) and click redeliver.

What you get depends on which hands package you purchased. If the full pack, you get the full HUD that has all the hand poses.

I’ve been wearing my Dynamic hands since they came out. Love them. Of course none of my rings work any more and nails have to be Slink or Slink Bento nails.

One thought on “Slink Male Dynamic Hands Released

  1. Depending on the design of the ring if it’s unrigged you can attach the ring to your ring finger and move it into place on your ring finger and the ring will work fine with a bento hand. Just so you know.

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