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There are loads of tutorials giving Second Life™ inventory management styles and suggestions. It is Kitty Barnett that is actually building helpful tools into the Inventory Panel. Kitty, having a 100K+ items in inventory has been finding using the inventory TEDIOUS. I can feel her.

~Everybody's Changing~

~Everybody’s Changing~

These are the types of tools users think awesome and Lab programmers doubt they are worth the effort. I believe this type of improvement is something only someone using their inventory daily would think of and see its value.

So, being the programmer for the Catznip Viewer and using her inventory a lot, she is adding handy tools to her version of the viewer. To see what she is adding and why, see her series of articles titled: Three Days of Teasers.

If you have ever bought something then had to look on the recent tab to find where in inventory it went, you’ll love her new purchasing ‘work’ flow described in Day #1. Now when buying, you’ll be able to tell the viewer where to put the thing.

I’m not including her pictures of these changes to avoid using her bandwidth. You can pop over to her blog and see them there. That gives her traffic and an idea of the number of people interested in her viewer.

The advanced settings let you specify when and where you got an item, mostly automatic once setup. You use meta symbols like %yyyy-%mmm/%region to add year, month and region name. I think that will be great for demos.

I came into SL in 2008. So, I now have 9 years of inventory. I REALLY don’t need some of the old stuff. Actually, most anything pre-2013. Prim boobies!?! Really! Delete.

If I had dated stuff back then cleaning things up now would be WAY easier. So, I now use the year in the folder name, like for an outfit: !Dress Short – Slink 2017 Blck-Mini Grey Sweater 76k. That last number is ACI. I use Slink or Classic. For me short means mid-thigh to mini.

In Day #2 she is explaining how she is improving inventory search. I am SOOOO hoping these features work in Outfits.

The big idea she explains is being able find an item when the folder name or an item name matching your search term comes up. Her change will open the folder with a matching name or the folder with an item with a matching name and show everything in that folder. That means even the things in the folder that don’t match. She explains the details, but I think this is great.

From this point on Catznip Viewer is likely to be the Shoppers favorite viewer.

I use Firestorm because of its Photo Tools. I use the Linden Viewer for its individual voice volume controls. Now I’ll be using Catznip when I go shopping, which is often. Now I just need someone to make a viewer that emits virtual pheromones…

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