Second Life Animation: Priorities

Medhue Simoni is doing a live stream YouTube presentation on Second Life™ subjects. You can catch his previous live streams, now videos, on his YouTube channel.

For now he plans to start a stream between 8 and 9 AM SLT. I caught this one live. YouTube provides a live chat channel to go with the stream.

I think Medhue is winging it through the presentations, extemporaneous. There are sufficient and-huh’s, a bit of ramble, and several false starts. But, the information is good. Scripting the presentation, working from an outline, and quick rehearsals all before the live presentation can greatly improve it. But, it is more work.

The video as it appears today at 8:45 AM SLT is unedited. So, there is about 4 minutes of Medhue setting things up. He apparently uses NVIDIA for his stream. I haven’t used that. I do use OBS.

The YouTube quality is a bit of a problem. During the presentation, I was getting a lower resolution. After the presentation, I could display it at 720p60, which was pretty crisp on my 1080 screen. I was displaying it at full screen.

Hearing a sip in the live stream, the big question becomes… coffee, tea, hot chocolate, amaretto?

Also, this stream was made from inside SL. If that were always the case, it would just be a matter of time until the griefers find him, which could be funny or annoying… But, you could attend the presentation, if he gave out anything other than the YouTube URL. Since he was using SL Voice you could pretty much follow it. But, the YouTube version is more complete for you and safer for him.

He takes donations for the presentations. So, if you want them to continue encourage him by attending and donating.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Animation: Priorities

  1. Coffee, with hazelnut creamer

    Yeah, the Nvidia recorder is very nice, and doesn’t seem to impact my pc’s performance much. Tho, it’s not even on Youtube’s recommended streaming softwares to use. Youtube’s set up stuff doesn’t work to set up a live stream using Nvidia’s shadowplay. This means I have to start the stream and then invite everyone. I cut that part out later.

    Streaming from SL is difficult, because with both the streaming and SL runs, that is quite a bit of bandwidth being used, and my voice will cut out at times. I might try and live stream the content creation meeting this week. We’ll see how it goes. Generally speaking tho, most of the live streams will be content creation related, and not happening within SL.

    After doing a few now, live streaming does seem to work well for what and how I like to do tutorials. Scripting them takes time, and I’m short on that. Sometimes, I’ll have notes. With live chat, people can ask things that I might not think about. I’m not a natural speaker, and live streaming add that even bigger pressure of keeping things flowing, but I look at it like this, If I have to wait to make perfect videos, they will never be done. IMHO, the only reason creators don’t do things in the “best” way is because they don’t have the information, in the form that it is best consumed. Same goes for the consumers.

    • Yeah, trying for perfection is a deterrent. Plus, this stuff is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So, whatever works for you. Thanks.

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