Slink Hotfix Release

Today Slink has released an update to their release of last week. Apparently, somebody found a bug… or two. Probably Whirly… Whatever, Siddeon released the fix and a bit of an upgrade. I got mine today. So, I have a new body for the new year.

The upgrade is the addition of a magnifying glass to make setting the upper body alphas easier.

Slink HUD Version 3.01 – New magnifier open

Visit the Slink store (URL) and click the update kiosk to get your new update.

Obviously, the HUD updates. Many of the parts of the package have new version numbers. So, I’m replacing everything. I updated my nude body outfit using the new stuff. I think I had only made one outfit using the 3.00 version. But, I have a ton of outfits made using v2.8. 

Someday I may update or delete those outfits using the v2.80 body. Fortunately, Firestorm has a feature in inventory labeled “Find All Links”. It will filter inventory so you see all the outfits that use the item. Once you’re done using it you need to Reset your filters.

.........Why I Love You...........

………Why I Love You………..

To use it open your inventory. Find an item like the Slink Physique v2.8 and right-click it. Select the Find All Links. You now have a list of all the links to the item. Select one of the links and right-click it. Now you can select Replace Links. It will now allow you to point it to a new item, like the v3.01 body.

To tell it which item to use for a replacement, open a second Inventory window. Navigate to the item you want used to replace the item. Drag and drop the item in the ‘Replace’ field. Click Start and all the outfits using the old link will be updated to the dropped item.

This isn’t a perfect way to replace things. A problem comes up because the Slink body is No-Mod. The keeps me from changing the name of the item too. See Penny Patton’s Are Rigged/Fitmesh Items Impossible to Mod?

What this means is that if I put a Viola skin on the body and an Ashanti skin on another copy and build outfits using both of those, I cannot tell a body link using Viola skin from one using Ashanti. This means I have to do some manual fixing. But, using two inventory windows it isn’t too tedious.

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