Second Life Adult: Magical Mystery

Finding romantic places in Second Life™ requires considerable time to explore the various places. Most ‘SL travel sites’ tell us how pretty a place is and give a few nice still images. Pictures of pretty places are for photo albums. We treasure them but seldom look at them. Once you have seen it, you’ve seen it. Then we are on to new stuff.

So, what keeps us coming back to a place? And what do we want to know about a region before we go there? What is going to get us there? Will we land mark it?

We all have different ideas of fun. Some like exploring, others solving puzzles, some gaming, talking, meeting people, shopping, hooking up… on and on.

The most revealing analysis of Second Life user Longevity is a study by Chun-Yuen Teng and Lada A. Adamic at the University of Michigan in 2010 (Title: Longevity in Second Life). I haven’t seen anything else to change my thinking. Their finding is; it takes interaction between people to keep users engaged.

So, if there is some possibility of being able to interact with people in a region that relates to something we find interesting, we will probably go. If the region satisfies our interest, we’ll likely go back.

Magical Mystery is not a place to meet people. I only saw a couple of people there while I was there. I also had to go back a couple of times to pick up some video that didn’t come out. The region was deserted most of the day.

There are obviously many photogenic places. But, much of the beauty is in the motion. Still images can’t capture the motion.

Many of the places you can sit have nice animations.

There are some vehicles to drive and sled to slide on, you can sort of drive the sled.

There is a small pond where you can ice skate.

I did find a dance machine in the cave.

Music in the region was sort of balladie, nice. I liked it. It is a streaming channel. So, no telling what will be on when you are visit.

There are things with sex animations. They are mostly hidden away. So, seeing in your face public copulation while a risk is minimal. Those I checked out have nice animations but limited choices. ‘Nice’ means the female animations have good hip movement. 🙂

Also, most of those I checked have the positioning open. You can adjust for your and his/her avatar size.

Things in the more visible areas have animations in the kissing, cuddling line. But, there are a few XXX out in public.

You have to sit on somethings before you get the adult/animation menu.

So, my thinking is the region provides a degree of privacy because so few people are there. Of course, it is Christmas week.

This is more a romantic than lude sexual place. A good place for seduction and/or loving.

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