AvaStar Update 2016 w41

Some of us have been wondering what all is going on with AvaStar. We know they are adding support for the new Bento avatar. I had heard people ask for Developer Kit support. So, if you have wanted to make things that fit Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and other mesh bodies you had to figure out how to integrated the kit to the AvaStar system. Looks like that is a problem that will go away.

Gaia Clary, Machinimatrix, has a promotional video out:

devkits from The Machinimatrix on Vimeo.

Gaia keeps doing this, restricting where the video can be embedded. For a promotional video it is silly. It sucks. But, you can click and jump to the video.

The current alpha, beta, whatever version of AvaStar is: avastar-2.0-23_blender-2-77. The main production version is: avastar-1.7-2_blender-2-77.

Have you seen AvaStar.online?

One thought on “AvaStar Update 2016 w41

  1. Hi;

    I have uploaded this video to Vimeo and made it somewhat restrictive because it is actually not even finished. I just published the link in the Avastar chat to get a bit of feedback so we can improve things (video and feature).

    However i have disabled the restrictions so that it also shows up on your blog now. In any case thanks for looking at our tool!

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