Second Life News 2016 w42


Today, Tuesday 10/17, the main channel gets a new feature and security update. The new feature is the script function llSitOnLink( ), which requires an Experience Key as it is a ‘forced’ sit. The documentation for it is here. As of this morning I can’t find the function in the SL Wiki’s LSL Portal… Search only returns the mentions in the server release notes.

Darkness Prevails - Shattered Masquerade

Darkness Prevails – Shattered Masquerade

There is no mention of the security update in the release notes for this package. 

On Wednesday, all three RC channels get the same update package, a maintenance release. Included is a fix for BUG-37758OBJECT_REZZER_KEY returns creator key of root key with all in-world copied objects instead of the agent who copied it. Also, ‘minor internal changes’.


The main viewer continues with version:, no change from last week.

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – No change from last week. There remains a bounding box clipping issue. Meetings are video recorded. See my YouTube channel for the videos.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version has updated since last week. It has about 79 fixes. More details are in my week #40 article:  Second Life News 2016 w40.

The Third Party Developers meeting is planned for Friday, 10/21.

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