Second Life News 2016 w/35


No rollouts this week, main or RC channels. Caleb Linden says they will be returning to the regular schedule of rollouts next week. It is vacation time.

Bianca II

Bianca II

I think this is the third week the main channel region I live in has not been restarted.I think the last restart was 8/9. Caleb has posted that if you region is having problems contact support and ask for a restart or file a JIRA describing the problems.


The main viewer is version No updates since last week.

Second Life Visual Outfit Browser Viewer version – No update.

Second Life VLC Viewer version – No update.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No update. The next significant update to this viewer branch is likely going to be a change to RC status.

AFAIK, all the viewers have been updated to have the changes in the main viewer. The VOB and VLC versions had higher crash rates than the main viewer. The Lindens opt’d to work on getting the crash rate in the RC’s down to at least the main viewer’s crash rate. I haven’t heard where they are in that process. I suspect they are looking at results from the weekend now.

For a couple of weeks we have been told a maintenance viewer is working its way through Q&A and will appear as an RC viewer. Maybe this week we’ll see it.

Black Dragon and Cool VL Viewer have both updated in the last couple of weeks.

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