Third Party Viewer Update 2016 w26

Some third party viewers have new releases out. I’ve been meaning to mention that. I’m a little slow getting to it.

All Over Me Like A Wine Stained Dress

All Over Me Like A Wine Stained Dress

Alchemy 4.0.0-37571 shows as being released 6/26. Alchemy now uses automatic updating. It also adds a built-in Animation Override and ‘enhanced’ environment tools…

Catznip hasn’t updated since release of R10 Jan 30 2016. But, I have noticed that it apparently crashes on exit and leaves a process running. The next time I start Catznip, it runs slower as the new copy and old copy of the process both run. Not always, but often.

This means I now try to remember to use System Explorer (free program) to see if any Catznip process is running before I open Catznip.

RLViewer is now version 2.9.18 (7/1/2016). Marine Kelley has updated it to be on par with the Linden viewer 4.0.5. That means it now has the Avatar Complexity feature and Marine says way better handling of Outfits. Apparently attachment loss, odd position after TP, ghosting, stuck, and Current Outfit Folder (COF) errors are fixed.

Marine added a new Debug Setting: “RestrainedLoveAutoTempAttach” (default to FALSE) to automatically accept attachment permission requests coming from a temporary attachment. Please note that this does NOT allow a temporary attachment to automatically be granted any other permission, even if it is bundled into the same request, to protect against griefing and fraud.

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