Second Life Third Party Dev’s Meeting 2016 w22

Not much new news. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. Here is the video and I’ve summarized it below.

As most know, Project Bento is in testing on main grid. The last Project meeting was held on AGNI at Hippotropolis. I haven’t heard if this is a permanent change or was due to issues on the ADITI grid. 

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version is doing well in testing. It is a collection of fixes. See: Release Notes. There are new things and a collection of fixes, worth reading the notes.

RC Second Life Inventory Message Viewer version – This is the viewer designed to allow server side Inventory Message deprecation. That just mean how the viewer talks to the servers is changing. Over time there came to be multiple ways for the viewer to talk to the inventory servers for various tasks. This is being cleaned up and made uniform. With this release of the viewer the viewer side is cleaned up using a single set of calls to the inventory servers. Next the old unused code will be removed from server side. Any viewer that still depends on the old processes will fail… well, it can log in an do a lot but nothing that has anything to do with money.

Oz Linden encouraged third party developers to watch the progress of the RC closely and quickly adopt the changes. The Lindens want to disable the old inventory API’s as soon as possible.

By moving all the communications into a single protocol it will be easier to control which folders can and can’t be moved, deleted, or placed inside another folder. The system will be more robust.

A question was asked about whether all the AIS bugs got fixed? At this time Oz thinks the question is not answerable. Lots of bugs fixed. But, all Oz would venture to say is NOT likely based on general principals.

Rider Linden has been moving old single thread calls for appearance into AIS. Either That work is in this maintenance release or the next… Oz and Rider weren’t sure… and I’m not sure which what is where after listening to them. I think it is one of those things that if one is framiliar with what is going on it makes sense. Otherwise, there are too many assumptions about what the listener knows.

The changes are about problems between the appearance service and the inventory service. They think they have the appearance stuff fixed.

While the Maintenance Viewer is doing better crash and bug-wise than the Inventory Message viewer, Oz has no ETA on when one may promote to main viewer or a guess on which will go first. They are still sorting Inventory Message problems.

There are other cohorts in progress. The Project Bento Viewer is not likely to go RC very soon. Since this viewer will have a Big Impact on Second Life, they are being measured and careful.

Oz says they still have a bunch of known problems. With wider testing on AGNI we will likely see the list growing larger before it gets shorter.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – The Lindens are still working on the OR viewer integrating the latest SDK and consumer versions. The bug list is getting smaller. But, some obnoxious bugs remain. Oz says pretty soon. But, is unwilling to give dates.

For now the consumer version of the Rift is hard to get. Even with Lab’s great connections they are having a hard time getting Rift’s.

64-Bit on Hold

The people that would be working on the 64-bit viewer are apparently working on building a viewer that omits QuickTime. Oz says we may soon have a viewer with no QuickTime. It will be using VLS and CEF. Once it is out as RC VLC, the lab can go back to work on the 64 bit viewer.

New Features

One new feature surprise is coming real soon… they won’t talk about it. Bunch of teases….


The AIS Update Command was broken – it recreating deleted items, annoying.

Kitty Barnett has been working on AIS inventory problems. One bug was wearing a folder (not all folders did it) broke the avatar baking and from then on that avatar couldn’t be baked. Oh, that would suck.

AIS Related Bugs pending LIST.

BUG-9506: Sometimes when changing outfits, adding & removing clothing layers & attachments etc you end up in a state where one or more clothing layers will not take off, even when doing a complete “replace outfit” and a relog is needed to fix it. This can happen when just changing clothing normally, without doing anything silly.

A new bake fail is described in: BUG-10391 and BUG-11929 (11929 fixed in current Maintenance RC).

BUG-10391[Project Azumarill] Avatar often bake fails on Azumarill. This was detected in Oct 2015 using viewer: Second Life 3.8.4 (304871) Sep 4 2015 (Second Life Project Azumarill).

BUG-11929Appearance update is STILL broken after recent changes in 4.0.4 (314579). Problem still occurring in Second Life 4.0.4 (314579) Apr 26 2016 (Second Life Release). The current RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version has a fix for 11929.

Oz Linden thinks several fixes will have to come together in a single viewer to completely fix the problems. He plans to have all the fixes merged to test whether it is fixed. Whirly says the problem is still present in the HTTPMSG RC viewer. Sort of a complex mess as effort on several fronts comes together.

At TM18:30 in the video Oz is talking about TLS 1.2. It is in this change because the Lab is subject to a bunch of money regulations (think US and foreign laws), lots of them.

Oz is checking to see if it is possible to test the TLS changes on ADITI.

Ad Blockers

These may cause your viewer to give a false positive to No TLS capability. So, some ad-blockers will cause you to receive warnings from the viewer and, I think, the web site, which you do not deserve.


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