Bento Update?

I’ve consistently had problems getting to the Bento User Group Meetings. Today between arriving late because of RL work and ADITI acting up, I gave up trying to get there. Try again next week.

Ghost Horse - Project Bento May 2016

Ghost Horse – Project Bento May 2016

I couldn’t log into the Mesh Sandbox. I could log into Morris, the region where the Beta Server UG meets. But, the World Map wasn’t working, so no TP via the map. In my history was an entry for the sandbox. But, TP failed and failed and failed. After 20 minutes I gave up. 

I wasn’t the only one having problems on ADITI. The Wednesday roll out of a new package for the RC channels was aborted because they could not complete testing of the package in ADITI. Apparently the ADITI grid was down for 3 days. So, we won’t see the planned roll out until next week.

Some of those coming from the Bento meeting had to log out and then login into Morris because of problems.

Bento News

However Inara made it to the Bento meeting. Why she can get in and I can’t I have yet to figure out. But, everyone there had problems as the regions acted up.

The plan for Bento is to open it up on the main grid by May 23rd or 26th. We don’t know if it will go grid wide or just the RC channels or some smaller portion of the grid. People that want to be testing Bento can contact the Lab (Dan or Vir Linden) to arrange to have their region enabled. Usually this means you have to be the region owner.

Non-Bento Viewer Distorting Bento Rigged Avatar

Non-Bento Viewer Distorting Bento Rigged Avatar

To participate in testing Bento you need to be on a Bento enabled server (TBD) and have the Bento Project Viewer. That will allow you see and upload Bento animations and mesh.

If you are not using a Bento enabled viewer and you see a Bento avatar you will crash if you are running an older Firestorm viewer. So, get current. If you are using a non-Bento Linden Viewer you will see a distorted avatar. The type and amount of distortion depends on how the avatar is rigged. But, the image gives you an idea of what the distortion can look like.

One image was taken with the Bento Project Viewer and the other with the default Linden Viewer.

It looks a bit like the mesh hasn’t completed downloading. But, a closer look and you’ll see all the avatar is there, it is just warped.

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