Ebbe’s Speech Shaking Things

17:30 – Online security? Ebbe says the question would need to be more specific and that theopen forum might not be the place to discuss existing problems. Areas the Lab is concerned with; safety of students, content, credit cards… The Lab is working on all of that.

virtual games sim

virtual games sim

19:00 –Will be skill games in Sansar be per SL policy? Ebbe says no Skill games starting out. Tech support for that is not there yet. Whether Lab wants to support for that for Sansar has yet to be decided. It incurs lots of cost and work for Lab. They are working to make it better and compliant in SL and then plan to use that knowledge to see if they can transfer the processes to Sansar.

21:00 – How does one get invited to Sansar? Currently by invitation only. Only people the Lab knows get invited. May or June signups will open. They are looking for those they feel will provide lots of good tech feedback and be involved as creators willing to work with LL. But, their creations will not be exposed to public for probably the rest of 2016. Obviously they are looking for long term investors.

23:30 – What are Sansar age limits? 13+ is the starting as goal. Because basic nature of Sansar is different the possibility of making things kid-safe is easier. But, the Lab may not offer day-one availability for 13+. But, 13+ is the goal. So, 18+ is likely at start.

25:00 – Will education and non-profit portals be added to SL? Ebbe says the Lab will be providing gateways for vertical onboarding… the educators are in that plan. The Lab may build and operate some gateways specifically for educators. They haven’t decided which the Lab will run and which third party groups will run or what mix of Lab and private.

26:40 – How much support will SL give educations peeps when Sansar opens? What about a mass exodus to Sansar? Ebbe think if and educational group has thier own audience then it doesn’t matter. But, a mass exodus will be slow thing… There will be looky-loo initially but (27:58) “I think a lot of people will come over really quickly and have a look around. Then a lot of them are going to realize Oooo! I can’t do what I thought I could, so they are going to go back to Second Life.

I think that says a lot about what Sansar is going to be.

28:30 – People are not going to be able to do the same things in Sansar and SL. Somethings are better done in SL while other things are better to do in Sansar. The Lab’s goal is to have two very successful products. (29:30)

30:00 – More age questions, what will LL stance on adult experiences be in Sansar and will there be ratings in Sansar as there are in SL? There will be content ratings. The Lab is not focusing on adult content. Sansar will be flexible enough for people to (hehe) meet their needs. It won’t be prohibited, but features to specifically support adult content will not be a focus.

31:45 – Will content ratings in SL change? 17 year olds can go to R rated in RL but not in SL? As far as Ebbe knows there is no plan to change anything rating-wise in SL. But, it hasn’t come up.

33:00 – Will Sansar be available for tablets? Ebbe says they are currently building for Oculus and desktops. But, they also compile the software for Andriod and iOS to keep things compatible. If they do something that does compile for Android or iOS they fix it now. I suppose the idea is to keep frm paint their selves into a corner. They have one full time person working on support for tablets/mobile versions of Sansar.

Ebbe doesn’t know how far along they will be on a native client for Android/iOS by the end of the year. But, he expects to be close. There is a streaming solution for Sansar. That uses cloud rendering. But, it won’t be free-to-play. Cloud rendering and streaming is costly.

They are figuring out how to support Mac OS.

The goal is to be as cross platform compatible as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Ebbe’s Speech Shaking Things

  1. I am not sure I believe in the notion that we can’t have up to speed rendering with real time building. Real time world changes have already been a thing for a long time even as middleware.

    I can believe we can’t have it right now, and that we can’t have it if they don’t want it.

    The Love and the engine behind it, Verse, come to mind as a concept of five or more years ago.


    If you want something, you just have to really want it.

  2. Thanks, Nalates, for all of the reporting that you do. You stay on top of things and I’m sure inform a lot of people. This was a great write-up for people who missed the in-world event. Just wanted you to know your effort and enthusiasm are appreciated.

  3. Sansar is sounding more and more like the now defunct Cloud Party (an in-browser Second Life- type virtual world) and seemingly will suffer from the same choices as the also-now-defunct Blue Mars virtual worlds. For Cloud Party … import all content, design then publish, different currency, separated ‘islands’ of content … but, at least you could keep your appearance between islands in Cloud Party. Whereas Blue Mars sucked with its choice of completely separated islands of content with a large download before you could enter. And also couldn’t retain appearance between islands/experiences.

    Sadly i see more and more that LL simply don’t understand what makes Second Life one of the most successful games ever.

    • It certainly can sound that way… and it may be that way.

      But, until I see what they have made and it is more complete in 2017 it is too soon to say the Lindens don’t know what they are doing. It’s like saying Ford doesn’t know what people like because of what they have told us about a new concept car we haven’t seen…

  4. you said that you have to register for now, but how? there is no internet connection to do it faudrais be little if you want to give the person register.

  5. Bollocks!
    Ofc Sansar will be the next SecondLife.
    They just staling so they won’t lose income until Sansar starts. Just check the new “get the Grandfathered price” thing. It’s just staling.
    Sansar indeed might not be as easy to use as SL, but otherwise, it can’t be anything else than a “world” where people customize their avatars and communicate.

    • Your opinion… but, I think you are over thinking it and failing to understand Sansar is more platform than world.

      For all of 2016 and probably most of 2017 and possibly well into 2018, we will be able to do more in Second Life than in Sansar. There are also a number of factors that make Sansar a very different environment than SL. Those differences make it impossible for any one to predict what people are going to do.

      There is also the VR headset controversy. It seems cheap headsets that tend to produce simulator sickness are out selling high-end headsets. Not surprising. But, what will that large number of …less than optimal… experiences do to word of mouth promotion of VR? …and overall VR adoption? We don’t know. BUt, some are guessing slow adoption of VR headsets will make SL viable for a longer period.

      The Lab is going to run/sell whatever products are making them money. It’s simple.

  6. In all bluntness, the process sounds like a complicated mess – the sort of thing people without professional technical/programming knowledge would do.

    Might also explain with SL itself isn’t as polished as it could be, despite loving it myself and having absolutely no intention of even looking at Sansar.

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