Second Life Server Week 36

We got a roll to the main channel this week. This is the package with Simulator Fixes and a fix for BUG-9504. There is nothing else available about those improvements.

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

The RC Channels will get one update on Blue Steel. The other channels, La Tigre, and Magnum, will continue running the package that rolled to the main channel. So, all regions except Blue Steel will be on the same package. 

Blue Steel gets  the package with the inventory fixes that got rolled back a couple of weeks ago.

There have also been attempts to fix the regions not connecting to the backend problem. The ‘No Caps’ problem, or no capabilities. It seems this is a race problem, timing issue. I’m a little confused but the previous week’s roll back was due in part to the attempted fix not working. It worked on the Preview Grid, but failed in the main grid, AGNI.

I have the impression that fix is not in the package rolling to Blue Steel this week. We won’t see it attempted until the Lindens have more time to work on it.

The idea was to restart regions in smaller groups. But, it is thought the service handling the restarts had a problem with that and thought restarts were failing and tried to restart regions still in the start cue. Things got confusing.

Take away that the Lindens are still looking at fixing the No Caps problem.

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