Second Life Bits Week 36

Loki Eliot has an article up on why we aren’t hearing much about Experience Tools or seeing much in the way of ‘Experiences’. See: Where are the Seamless Experiences?

SL Streaming

In an earlier post I wrote of YouTube Gaming. Below is a recording of someone using it and streaming motion-capture into Second Life™. Hamlet has a mention of it too: Motion Capture Dancing Streamed Live Into SL! The video is an hour and 42 minutes… I have video starting the stream where you can see the avatar following Jessyka Richard  as she does her thing.

All the details you need to connect up a system and do this are pointed to by Hamlet in another article: How to Connect Kinect Motion Capture to Your SL Avatar. It leads you to: Kinect, Rinions, and Second Life

Bright Canopy

The company has had to restructure its financial model, this means the price went up. It will now cost US$17 for the first 20 hours. After that it cost $0.013 per minute or $0.78/hour.

The change means everyone that has signed up will have their account cleared and no credit cards will be charged. You can then sign up for the new plan, if you want the service at the new cost. If you sign up again, the first month will only cost $7 for the first 20 hours. After that you’re on the $17 plan.

The official announcement is here.

Firestorm Viewer 5 Year Anniversary

September 3rd will mark the fifth year of the Firestorm Viewer. The team has announced they will celebrate with a party. A live concert with Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer), followed by a marathon Dance with DJQuad, cherished gifts for everyone and a very big surprise announcement! (link)

We will have to speculate on the announcement. No word yet what it is. Check the Firestorm Viewer blog on Friday (9/3) for more information.

Failure to Thrive

Honour McMillan has a post with images and some words about a piece of art in Second Life™. I find it a good example of the creative process of many people, not all and may be not most, but some. See: Anger & Depression Result in Second Life Art.

This build definitely touched Honour.

Forgotten City

Dishearteningly Forgotten City is to close in September (about the 15th). Inara and Ciaran both have articles about it. If you haven’t seen it… do it soon. SLURL

Official announcement on SLUniverse Forum: Forgotten City is going offline Sept. 2015. Open the Spoiler tag to get the city’s history.

Forgotten City map link.

Project Sansar

Hamlet has several posts on Project Sansar based on what people think and say. There is good material there for thought. Be sure to read the comments. If I can take the time I’ll go through some of those thoughts in an article.

See: How Sansar Solves Second Life’s Setbacks.


The discussion has started over on SLUniverse: Real Versus Virtual Prejudice in SL.

Naked Rocks (adult)

If you are into nude sailing, check out Naked. (NSFW) ZikiQuest has an article up about these 9 regions.

Seduction (adult)

I love the passion of seduction…  SikiQuest also has an article on the The Art of Seduction Gallery. See: The Art of Seduction.


You can now find rules and help for PaleoQuest in the SL Wiki: Linden Lab Official:PaleoQuest.


The Maintenance Release is the main default viewer now.

The only alternate RC Viewer is:

Mesh Importer Viewer version – This improves the mesh uploader.

The project viewers are:

Project Notice Viewer version – This changes how your notices are handled.

Project Notice Viewer version 3.8.4 (304433) – This viewer adds the Quick Graphics settings and Complexity Settings, which change high render cost avatars to Jelly Babies.

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – This one still hasn’t updated.

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