OMG! Can I get laid in Sansar?

I think this is kind of funny. But the second anxiety Canary Beck came up with is just that question, not worded quite that way, but not being PC I don’t have to ‘imply’ it. I can just say it. See Canary’s: Are Second Life residents anxious about Project Sansar?



Canary indicates 60% of Second Life™ residents use SL to engage in adult activities. Not all adult activities involve sex. Some of the Zindra groups worked, or may still be working, to make people more cognizant of that point. But, engaging in some sexual activity is a large part of the adult activities in SL. 

When we discuss the second fear/anxiety in Canary’s list we are probably most on point when we treat this as people fearing the loss of sexual union… not getting laid. So, is the question, ‘Can we have sex in Sansar?’ a valid fear? While I think that is sort of a funny question, I can see why some would ask. I can’t say as a fear in general is valid or not as I think it is a legitimate concern. Validity is about whether the fear moves one to find an answer or paralyzes.

The less informed do not have the information they need to see the answer. And a direct answer to the question is hard to find. As close an answer as I have seen is mentioned in: Ebbe Altberg Interview Week 30. The part of the interview we need to consider is:

…  Also in the interest of accessibility, they’ve lowered the user age gate to 13. For parents worried about their kids’ safety in Sansar, Altberg assured us that Linden’s “learned a lot about ghettoizing content,” and have no problem keeping things safe for younger users.

To me this says the Lab is taking a realistic approach to sex in Sansar. Every new invention seems to get used for sex. Game developers even have terms for the possibility of things in game be used for sex and how long it takes. So, there is no point in fighting this aspect of human nature. People will find a way around any obstacle placed in their way just as is done for copy protection. So, my belief is we will have sex in Sansar.

There is the problem of Sansar’s ‘reputation’. So, some have hopes and others fears that the Lab will  remove sex from the Sansar worlds… or try. But, the Lab is targeting a demographic we call game developers. Escort services, club owners, and social groups (LGBT, swingers, etc.) are likely to develop adult and sexually oriented places in Sansar. I can’t imagine blocking those developers.

But, the Lab being aware of the reputation issue and a need to allow 13-year-olds is planning to segregate adult content. So, it may very well be that for a noobie to walk around in Sansar with an erection, like they do in SL, and for people to see them, a viewer setting would have to be selected to show adult content. Otherwise, the viewer simply would not render that penis attachment.

I think there will be access restrictions too. Ebbe has said developers can restrict entry based on what one is wearing (space experience and a swimsuit no go).  I suspect areas will be restricted by age and a preference to participate in explicit adult activity somewhat like in SL.

I would not be surprised to see a maturity rating on animations too. With the right to build in Sansar being controlled by how well you behave and your personal reputation for respecting ToS and community values the Lab will have way more control over what comes into SL. I suspect their primary interest is in getting things LABELED correctly more than they are about restricting content.

Having much better control of adult content will mean it is way less likely and possibly impossible for people to ‘stumble’ into sexual activity or adult content. So, I see no reason for the Lab to be concerned about what you rub on who or how often.

5 thoughts on “OMG! Can I get laid in Sansar?

  1. “With the right to build in Sansar being controlled by how well you behave and your personal reputation for respecting ToS and community values the Lab will have way more control over what comes into SL’

    will the Lab really hire enough staff to patrol this ? Pre approval of builds?

    • No, they won’t hire that many people.

      I think the pre-approval process we saw in Blue Mars, which you seem to be thinking of, is a lesson learned. I don’t expect to see that in Sansar. But, I do expect to see more tracking of people. Also, the advantage of having an older established account is going to impose a cost on griefers and rights abusers that isn’t possible in SL.

      The control is not the preemptive socialist style pre-approval process. It will be more real world free market reactive. Penalties will come after bad behavior. Leaving responsible designers free to move quickly. Losing an account that has build rights in Sansar will be a big deal. Throw-away accounts will have far fewer abilities, thus reducing griefing.

  2. Thats gonna make for a good funny one: “You cant get laid, no matter what world you are in !”

  3. Will you be able to “touch” other avatars in Sansar? By that I mean will bones or rigging of one avatar be affected by another avatar touching it? Will the Realism of touch be like CGI?

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