Second Life: Did you meet a Linden?

The meet up has come and gone for this month. Did you go? Could you get in?

Sur La Maison de Ville Balcon

Sur La Maison de Ville Balcon by Connie Arida, on Flickr

I went a bit late, 5 minutes or so after it started. I did make it in. I had decided to use the Firestorm viewer. I lasted about 15 or 20 minutes before the viewer poofed. I didn’t try to get back in. There wasn’t much going on when I was there. Three Lindens were hanging around. People were chatting away everywhere. So, it was pretty chaotic while I was there.

I’ve heard the region peaked out at 104 avatars. I made it  in when there were 100 avatars, which surprised me. I figured I would be locked out and have to wait for someone to leave.

The region was horribly lagged. The server performance was great, no Time Dilation, Server Frame Rates were running at 44 FPS. But, my viewer was making about 4 FPS. Viewer PING was bouncing all over the place. My system ping was a pretty steady 50 to 120 ms. So, the viewer ping was more of a server-viewer issue than a network issue.

I could walk, it was laggy. There was no hope of using my SpaceNavigator to cam around.

My 15k ARC Outfit

My 15k ARC Outfit

I put together a low ARC outfit just for the event. I was showing a green-yellow ARC read out and under 16k. I wore my Slink hands and feet and mesh hair by ::Exile::. I had a system top and pants. My scripts were at: Total Scripts: 9 – Total Memory: 432k. I think most of my script load was from my AO.

Of course there were lots of avatars there that had high ARC numbers. I had not taken the time to set render muting for my newly installed Firestorm Viewer. I could probably up my FPS significantly by setting those values.

Inara and others have reported on the get together. What is mostly being said in the reporting is lots of people showed up and everyone talked. There really isn’t much else to say. If you are wondering what was said… The majority of the talking was the social ‘hi, how are you?’ inane kind, which was the point and difficult to report on. See: A fistful of Lindens and Highlights: The Basilique Linden Lab inworld meetup.

Meeting Lindens at these events is sort of like meeting J-Lo at a concert with a backstage pass. Meeting Lindens at user group meeting is more like running into J-Lo at the grocery store. But, there is the possibility to meet more Lindens at these events than at the UG meetings.

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