Second Life: Bits and Pieces Week 16

Fitted Mesh Finds

A new set of finds is up here: Weekly Fitmesh Finds – April 11th.

Sorry, but i hate spiders

Sorry, but i hate spiders by Cherry mood, on Flickr

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Launch Today this week, Gear VR ‘2’ Compatible and Available from All Major Carriers. 


There are always bugs, problems. If one of these is biting you, visit the JIRA and click WATCH.

BUG-8953Second Life web page “Community” area “Sign In” has problems. If you post in the forum you have most certainly run into this problem. If you are reading a post and decide to comment, you’re taken to a login page. The normal process is you are returned to make your comment after logging in. But, that is broken now. Instead you are taken to the top level of the forum. You have to hit the back button twice and re-click comment to begin our comment.

BUG-8419  –[Wiki] A data base error occurs by a page of Japanese URL. You’ll only see this if you are using Japanese as your language.

BUG-9020I am unable to see what I type in several group chats. Some people post in a group chat and cannot see their text. Others do, but they don’t. Those that have alts find the alt can post in the group. They find that their main avatar doesn’t have the problem in all groups, just some. There doesn’t seem to be a work-around.

BUG-9027[Experience Tools] KVP access functions cannot operate in an environment as outlined in SEC-1352. KVP = Key value pair – This only affects those working with the Experience Tools beta.

If you filed a bug report, check up on it. In one reporting category something like 6,000± of 8,000± pending problems were marked ‘Waiting more information…’ This generally means you need to answer question before the Lindens can move ahead.

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