Second Life: New MadPea Game

Kess Crystal of MadPea sent me an announcement about the new game they are proudly releasing: UNIA – Unleashing The Monster Within. Release date is April 20th. We have been hearing bits and pieces about this new game. Now it is almost here.

Kess writes that this game has been in production for 2+ years. Kess says this is the biggest, best, and most advanced game they have made. Kess describes the scale of the game as EPIC, in size and scope. I take it size includes play area. 

Kess says the scope of the game is larger than they feel they can convey with words. So, bloggers are being invited to a pre-launch ‘press tour’ April 18th at noon SL Time.

Poster image

There are some well known names involved in the creation of UNIA. Bryn Oh is the name I know best. The others are:

  • Caer Balogh
  • BlueSean Yiyuan
  • Silex Zapedzki
  • Zachh Barkley
  • Abramelin Wolfe
  • Wildcat Snowpaw
  • Jaimy Hancroft
  • Rebeca Bashly
  • Fuschia Nightfire
  • Lindsey Warwick

There are others taking part as voice actors, animators, and other creative efforts. Damien Fate has provided some outfits. Draxtor Despres is producing an in-depth UNIA video.


I seldom go to press events. Just not my thing. I prefer to arrive as most users do. I get to walk into the problems others find, deal with the lag, and other problems the players experience.

Expect a number of bloggers to be publishing articles on UNIA this coming week.

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