Second Life: Viewers Week 15

Black Dragon Viewer

Niran has a new release out. Black Dragon Viewer – Update This viewer fixes 3 annoying problems. A crash from a texture error, broken Volumetric Lighting direction control, and a Sound Preference not working.


Sarawak by dolletjes, on Flickr

Cool VL Viewer

Henri has 3 new releases out: v1.26.12.37 (stable), and Legacy Visit the Cool VL Viewer site here. Changes in the stable version are:

  • Backported the latest changes in the AIS v3 API from LL’s viewer-release.
  • The UseHTTPInventory setting is now ignored (HTTP inventory always on) when logged in SL. This is due to the fact that UDP inventory operations are being deprecated in SL (and already shut down in regions running RC server releases).
  • Fixed the cosmetic UI bug that sometimes caused notifications not to be properly animated on opening (they must animate when no previous notification is open, but notify tips and (group) notifications must not influence each others in this respect, since they don’t appear at the same place on the screen).
  • Some code cleanup and minor optimizations.
  • FMOD Ex updated to v4.44.52.

For other information see the release notes.


This is a little out of place, but… I’ll toss it in here. David has released scripts for those playing with High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale’s new virtual world. See: Some Custom High Fidelity Scripts.


No new word on when this release will make it out. Expect to hear a bit more about a release date this Friday when the Third Party Developers meet.

SL Viewer

RC HeatWave Viewer version is covered here.

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