Second Life in the News Week 14 #2

Another article on Second Life has popped up. It seems this one is spawned by the video promoting Remnants of Earth. You have likely seen it on several SL related blogs. (5 min video)

If you were starting to imagine the media was becoming more… accurate, balanced, truthful, and actually researching their thinking before writing, give that idea up. This writer seems to have formed most of his opinion of SL from watching the video.

See: Players Build An MMO Within Second Life, Looks Amazing.

At least there no erect noob photos… So, this article while not as accurate as it could be, doesn’t present SL in a false light. …if omitting comments about lag in a game like this isn’t a concern.

I am curious how gamers, the EVE and WoW type gamers, will review Remnants after they try playing it.


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