Second Life: SL12B

Aka: Second Life™ 12th Birthday… its coming around again. Daniel Voyager has a post about the regions for SL12B opening. See: SL12B regions have arrived.

SL12B Dreaming

SL12B Dreaming

His picture of the World Map view shows 12 regions. Otherwise there are no announcements from planners or the Lab. In recent years the birthday celebrations have become more of a user organized thing than a Linden sponsored event.

Google returns 16,000+ results for a search on SL12B. Most, like all but 4 or 5, are about something other than Second Life. Searching on “second life” SL12B returns 700+ results. Adding “second life” to the search, with the double quotes, narrows the results to items mostly about Second Life.

A quick look through the list of returned items reveals no real news, meaning no solid, actionable information. There are a number of people that have been claiming SL would never be around for a 12th birthday. Those are mostly the Chicken Little wackadoodles from when the Lab announced SL 2.0. I wonder if they are willing to put money on those claims? Why do they all seem to sound like angry haters?

On Google+ there is a group that has been discussing SL12B since late March 2015. But, the content of the discussions hasn’t been published.

So, there is no real news about SL12B, other than what we knew months ago. There is always a SL birthday event and there will very likely be one this year too.

Have I mentioned its a slow news week… month… for SL?

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