Second Life: Mesh Upload

You may have picked up from the SL Viewer news that a change is coming to the Lab’s mesh uploader. There are, I think, some nice changes coming.


WA D-Lab PICCOLI2 IN YOUR GARDEN by Willow, on Flickr

As it is now, when uploading mesh we often get an error and the error message is basically useless, no help. The Lindens are working to improve that. They hope to give us a better idea of what went wrong.

Also, we are currently limited to 8 faces per mesh. That means any single mesh object can only have 8 materials. That too is going to change. The Lindens are saying if there will be a new limit just that we can have more than 8.

There is also something changing about how the various LoD models and physics models will associate with our item based on file naming. I don’t get what they are doing here as I have yet to play with the RC/Project viewer that is out.

3 thoughts on “Second Life: Mesh Upload

  1. The limit of 8 faces is still in place.
    From the release notes: “Using these new features, models with more than 8 unique faces can be imported. [..] At import, these models are automatically split into pieces so that each satisfy the current face limits for a volume.”
    That means if you try to upload a mesh model with for example 10 faces it will be automatically split into two separate meshes on upload. One with 8 faces, the other one with 2 faces. They upload as linked object.

    • … I’m not sure that is such a good idea…

      I will need to see it in action for a time before I decide. But, at least we will have some control.

  2. Just done a test with more then 8 faces and upload it. It uploads. but the splitting is complete nuts. parts of the build get copied over to other parts with the splitter. so you get a wall that have 2 of the same wall on top. (flickring). Somewhere LL forgot that after the used it on one part to ignore it on the other parts.

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