The Loki Avatars

Body snatchers unit. New mesh bodies are here. Loki Eliot has made new mesh bodies. For now they are free. There are also clothes packs to go with the avatars. These are ‘packs’ not clothes. The point being is they are for designers wanting to make clothes for the Loki avatars.

Loki Avatars

Loki Avatars

These apparently are not Fitted Mesh avatars. Loki says he is still working to figure out Fitted Mesh. That is no easy task. I’ve been through it. There is a lot to learn. The SL Classic Avatar uses morphing for size changing. Plus the scaling of shapes coming out of SL via XML files and later uploaded into SL have scaling issues. (See: Exporting Second Life Shapes) Anyone trying to figure things out has to discover these hidden problems.

I gave up and bought AvaStar, being a Blender user. Maya users can now buy MayaStar. Most of the esoteric  SL problems are solved in those two tools.

See Exploring the future of my Avatars Shape – part 5 – Loki Avatars for more details.

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