Viewer: Second Life 3.7.26 (299443)

My viewer updated last Thursday (3/5). I’m now running on the RC Tools Update Viewer version. This is the newer Login Viewer compiled with the new build tools.

Playing w/Pencil Sketching

Playing w/Pencil Sketching

The memory leak I’ve been dealing with in the previous version seemed worse in this version. I was lasting about 15 minutes then my viewer was stuttering, jerking and thrashing textures. I was thinking I would probably have to move off it and get another RC viewer or maybe even a Project viewer.

Also, I found if you are organizing your inventory, you’ll run into some indentation problems while using inventory folders. If you move a folder into a subfolder, two or three deep, the contents of the moved folder will indent as if they were inside a top level folder, two or three tab stops left of where they should be. That makes it hard to tell what’s in which folder. Close and open the folder and the indentation corrects. So, it is not a big problem, just an annoying one.

Also, if you rename an Outfit, the changed name may not show in the outfits list until you restart the viewer. Minor. Annoying.

The last couple of days things have changed. Memory use is down. I can stay logged in for more than an hour without problems and little if any texture thrashing. I’m not sure what changed. But, the numbers in System Explorer (free monitoring program) have definitely changed.

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