Bits and Pieces of Second Life 2015 Week 10

MOV Files to HTML5

As the Second Life Viewer moves toward using CEF (Chrome Embedded Framework) the use of HTML5 video becomes more important. Fortunately there is a free program that converts formats.

See: How to Convert MOV to HTML5 Video?

Journey is'nt over yet

Journey is’nt over yet by Sunnygeorge, on Flickr


Lindal Kidd has a tutorial up on how to use boxes… yes, those prim cube things. See: Boxes

If you are wondering WHY? … Well, her blog is subtitled: Notes From Second Life – Advice for the New Avatar.  She also spends a lot of time helping people in the SL Forum. So, she meets lots of new SL users. So, I suspect she will also use this tutorial as a link-to when answering pleas for help.

This will be a handy link to give to noobies.

Fab Free

By now you know I like these peeps. Today they have new free gifts available at the Fab Free HQ. See: New Gifts @ FabFree Headquarters This Week! There are 60 new things to check out.


Hamlet, over on New World Notes, is on about Reddit again. See: Reddit’s /SecondLife Gains Over 2,000 Subscribers, Begins to Become Interesting.

I’m not a big fan. I used to take time to post on Reddit and read the SL stream. But, I found it boring. Plurk is more fun and interesting. I got more people coming to my site from obscure sites that no one ever heard of than from Reddit.

There is a lot of new traffic coming to my site from Israel, about 2,000 new users. I wonder if it is the same group as have shown up on Reddit?

Interesting take on Horror Games

The Federalist has what I think is an out of character article on video games titled: Six Elements That Make For A Quality Survival Horror Game. But, it is a good article.

Drax and Login2Life

Login2Life is subtitled: Where real life meets virtual. Drax has been involved. He has been helping them and now he is wanting help from the Second Life community. If you would like to help promote an accurate portrayal of virtual worlds, get in touch with Drax.

For more information see: In NYC on March 17th? Can you log-in to real life and help Draxtor?

AMD/ATI Video Card Problems

People are running into various problems with the latest video drivers for AMD/ATI video cards. Firestorm has a page up explaining how to fix the problem. See: AMD/ATI Vider Card Problems.

 Second Life Viewer 3.7.25 (298971)

I like the viewer and it has some minor changes to the UI that make it nicer to use. For one, clicking on a destination in the splash screen Guide logs you in and teleports you to the destination, one click. Nice.

But, it has a horrible memory leak. If I can run the viewer for an hour, I’m doing good. The texture thrashing is horrible. Reducing my draw distance helps, but its not a solution.

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